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Immobilizer&Ecu coding


At the moment we provide coding of different engine control unit(ECU).In some cases memory of the control unit that is faulty in the car and the new unit can not be coded to the car for some reasons its possible to copy informations from old to new unit,this will safe a lot of time and money.


The engine immobilizer system is designed to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.This system uses a transponder key,(ECU) that stores the key codes of authorized ignition key.If an attempt is made to start the engine using unauthorized key,the (ECU) sends a signal to (ECM)to prohibit fuel delivery and ignition effectively disabling the engine.

  • we provide immobilizer coding fore some vehicles and in some cases immobilizer can be completely removed from car.

For more information about coding of (ECU) in your car please call us or send email.